New Spread: Sack of Dreams

The next step is always to sort the candy. You know the drill. You have a sackful, but it’s a mixed bag. There may even be a few rocks. But you persist, and also find a few gems.

Shuffle the entire deck, then throw a handful of cards to the table in front of you.

Find the gems, use the rest, and avoid the healthy snack that dentist around the corner always tossed in.


You empty the sack on the rug and find Music, Purity, Humility, butter knife, Transformation, Carrot, Knowledge, Cat, quill, Loyalty, and Fearlessness; all bathed in green (#33BF33) light.

Twentyfour carrots does not make the plastic ring any more real, and a CZ is not really just like diamond. This cat just doesn’t have game, is not going to get the prize. He might blow a mean horn, and his demeanor is charming to a degree. But then there’s a cold and calculating side, and I get the sense that butter might not melt in his mouth, he’s so cold.

Then he does something like this. A bold proposal, taking me on a treasure hunt where we find all sorts of things tucked in ring boxes.

It is hard to get past all the carrots though….

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