Deal 1283: Stalled Nonnet

The great wheel turns, Karma rolls with it
All are as pebbles carried ’round
Some rolled over by Karma
Lucky few rewarded
Then like a Sabot
Stubbornness sticks
The great wheel’s


Deal 1248: Truth enough for now

While I envy their certainty occasionally, I also know that they are too sure of their position, resting as they are, on shifting ground. Any success they may have enjoyed will be short-lived. At the end of the day, they will have been gloriously certain of their righteousness for a short while, then grasping for toeholds in the truth revealed by their light.

They are too confident of their position.

And that will not last.

In stark contrast, we are certain of only one thing: that we are going to be wrong more often than we are right. Knowing that as truth, we plan to be wrong. That is, our plans generally allow for the action of Murphy’s Law. When (never “if”) something does not go as planned, we have already considered our options and can smoothly switch courses to make the most of the revelations.

Given shifting ground, move with it where possible, and step off of it where not. But don’t fall in.


Deal 1212: To sleep, perchance…

As it ever is, this visit to the other side is doomed to be short.

I have a reputation to maintain, and karma to work off. Both points require that I can’t possibly remain here for long.

But here I am, so I should take this opportunity to stretch and even to relax. It won’t be long. It rarely is.

This side of the veil is hard as hard to describe to you as your side is to us. Crossing the veil is a rare event. Among my people, legends say that only one individual can cross at will. Legends differ on who that individual is. Which I generally find amusing, because that individual is, well, me. But I can’t say that.

It would spoil their fun.

Besides, it makes sense that the veil be difficult to cross.

Crossing has a price, a price I willingly pay.

Not many would be so willing. Or able.

The price of a crossing is always the death of the body.

Not every death permits a crossing. For most, death is a more permanent act.

For those few permitted to cross, it is generally a one-way trip. A death on the other side is also permanent.

For me, every death is a crossing. But not every crossing requires a death. I have the power, and curse, to cross on impulse. I also have little control over that impulse. Sometimes when I sleep on one side, I wake on the other. I usually have to take care that at least some sleep is genuine, or I would go mad.

Or madder, at least.

Assuming I could tell.


Deal 1154: Haunting

The ghost manifested, if it was seen at all, at midnight and stayed no later than dawn. It was seen best by moonlight, with the pallid glow of the moon added to its appearance without drowning it. It did not seem to be a malignant spirit. But it was insistent that it be seen and heard. Being nearly invisible and nearly silent did not help with either condition.

Whatever its mission, it lingered in this world against the normal order of things. The longer it stayed, the higher the stakes became.

Until then, there was something humorous about using the light of a ghost to read by.