New Spread: Falling Leaves

Time marches on bringing with it a change of seasons and a new spread.

Leaves Fall Where They May

Fall is the time when the trees notice that the halcyon days of summer are over, and it is nearly time to nap for the winter. And naturally, their leaves are found everywhere.

For this spread, the cards fall as leaves do. You get the opportunity to rake up the cards and compost them into new ideas. You might find the occasional card landing face down, or even possibly cards blowing in from neighboring decks. Regardless, you get to pick it all up.

The Deal

Shuffle the complete deck, and toss a few cards haphazardly onto the table. For extra amusement, salt in a few cards from any other decks you may have lying around. Flashcards. Tarot. Pinochle. Fluxx. Old Maid. Uno. Whatever you have to let blow on to the table will add to the fun, possibly even an actual leaf! Don’t fret about any face-down cards. Ignore them completely, play around them, or turn them face up at your whim.

Just please do have fun with it and don’t actually put the cards in a compost heap!


We find scattered a mirror, widget, apple, Prudence, Wisdom, and Endurance. You can’t actually see prudence, it is hiding behind wisdom. There’s probably a message there. The apple is nearly speared on one of the uncountable prongs of the widget, which seems like a reasonable place for it.

The combination of the mirror and apple always makes me think of classic fairy tales. Of course, neither prudence nor wisdom usually figure very strongly on those, so I might mix in either an Aesop fable or a Kipling Just So story.