Deal 1120: Luke

young jedi training
the force is strong in this one
fighting blindfolded


Deal 1115: Orange, not banana

It is a sacred duty, handed down the family in an unbroken line for generations.

The tree is in our care.

The tree must be protected.

Neither blight nor pests allowed.

We feed and water according to a plan set out by our forefathers. Once or twice a decade we prune severely, other years we use judgment. Once or twice in each caretaker’s life, we move a graft to a new rootstock. We treat the grafts like their parent tree, knowing they can replace the original at any time.

Today the orange grove extends for acres, and presiding over it all is a grand tree with a trunk large enough that you can’t reach around it.

The grove has often survived flood and fire. This year, both nearly at once.

It is our duty to preserve.

And make marmalade.