Deal 1022: Double Nonnet for Sallis

Man of depths unfathomed, still unplumbed
Optimist, attacks mystery
Rocket or sheepwash, it works
Ever faithful Gromit
Constructed at home
Hotpot and tea
Even space
Gaffer and
Rescuer all
Overcoming odds
Muddling through everything
Indeed, but not as yet love
Totty, Wendy, Piella, gone.
Wensleydale preferred over the moon


Deal 927: Acrostic Wings

Acrostic Double Nonnet

The gilded birdcage, full of songbirds,
Hangs in the corner with a view.
Iridescent colors play
Softly off their feathers.
Chattering fills the
Air, while the birds
Gaze; dreams of
Side heads.
Wisdom, hidden
Insight will prevail.
Nightfall calms the voices
Dawn will restart their planning.
O, if only they could open
Wired hatch to freedom, they would fly free


Deal 836: Acrostic reflected nonnet

Peace indicates to those that will see,
Egos in hand, seeking knowledge,
Allaying feared ignorance,
Calming riled intellects,
Equipped to question.
Free to study,
Give ’em hell.
Insults only
Tendered when needful.
Avoiding forbearance,
Temper, were it run amok,
Exacts a price. Called to account,
Disturbs the peace and restores the peace.


Deal 538: Leashed Duty Dog

Loyal dog has chosen to guard the prince
Else he’d roam free to be primal dog since
All true dogs have free will, taking pride in
Serving guarding working over wilding.
Hero of the swamp, Frog jumped at the chance,
Ever willing to lead, hopping advance,
Dampness behind us, onward to glory.

Dank once, Swamp things unite victorious.
Until battle joined frog and dog in war
Telephone left croaker and carnivore
Yearning to meet, willing to decide fate.

Daring to treat betwixt swamp and town gate
Offering peace and partnership to wit
Good dogs and frogs will have their days as writ.