New Spread: Vexing Vexillography

Flags are powerful symbols. Visible and recognized from afar; rallying points for citizens and followers; and not to mention their rich heritage of heraldic traditions.

Primarily a flag is carried as a symbol of something. Something to which you belong or not. Someplace you are a citizen of or not. And usually something displayed as an act of patriotism.

For this deal, we will dabble in Vexillology or Vexillography as suits your fancy. The former, of course, if the deal inspires a story placed in the history of the flag itself. The latter, should the deal inspire the story of the creation and design of a new flag.

We’ll begin by shuffling the whole deck, and picking a field of color as a background. Then we will deal four cards, placing them in a grid laying out as a flag flies in a stiff breeze.

Imagine a pole at either the left or right edge, perhaps even topped with some finial ornament suitable to the occasion.

From there, your story will find its place, doff its cap, and salute its flag.


The flag: fowl, Wisdom, Racket, and balm
On a field of lavender (#bebada)
Bordered in white (#eeeeee)

Chicken Little needed a new way to rally her friends, as the old way clearly wasn’t working. She spent all night thinking, then all day planning and all the next night sewing.

Surely the farmer wouldn’t miss those old bed sheets, although his wife might. Well, she decided to worry about that another day. For today, the new flag was everything.

The wind was up, so it snapped and crackled merrily in the breeze, presenting the images of the coop and egg for home along with a sturdy tree for safety.

Finally, something she could stand behind!

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