Deal 1348: Blinded by Science

I should be blind. Why am I not blind?

Or am I just vividly hallucinating and everyone else playing along?

Regardless of the reason, I continue to defy logic and reason. I am unafraid of the answers. I will find the cause of the blindness in my village.

I continue to suspect a witch is behind this, but we haven’t had a proven witch in the village since long before I was born. And yet, blindness follows us as an ever present danger. A danger that everyone else in town seems to take for granted, and seems to expect as their just fate.

I don’t accept it as my fate.

I will not go blind.

It can’t be that simple, can it?

Can simply defying the past make the future change?

Or is it possible that I am a witch and don’t know it?


Deal 1346: World-unchanging

Each new idea was an invention that could have changed the world. Then it didn’t.

Tesla might as well have been the original mad scientist. His ideas outran his ability to reduce them to practical use. In a sense, his undoing could have been caused by his lack of fear of the next interesting thing to study. For him, the ideas were easy. It was the long slog required to take an idea out of the laboratory and make it useful in the world at large that was the enemy.


Deal 1345: Quoth, he says

The idea should have been obvious, but the obvious rarely is.

My greatest creation would be realized on stage, by puppets, telling the sad tale of a lost love and a desperate lover, from the point of view of his avian visitor.

It is a tale that deserves to be told.

Alas, it may never be.

The inevitable has happened, and a lawyer got wind of our plans.

Then another lawyer got wind of the potential.

Now the lawyers are feeding off of each other, suing everything in sight, and doing their best to hasten the heat death of the universe.

And so the tale will be told.