Deal 1085: Sofa detente

Every day, they sat at opposite ends of the room, studiously ignoring each other, like a pair of classical bookends. To one side, a giant shaggy white dog. To the other, a sleek black kitten. In between, a medium-sized grey sofa. A place to sit that should be comfortable.

And would be comfortable, except that each bookend was sure to be wounded deeply when any favor was shown to the other. This required that the only possible way to sit on the couch was precisely in the center, and to look neither left nor right.

Every day he risked all to sit in that one spot. A prince among men he was, attempting to build a bridge that many said could never be built.

The kitten knew absolutely that it was the ruler of the world.

The dog knew that it had no care at all about the thoughts of a kitten.

The prince just wanted his pets to get along…


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