New Spread: The Lottery

As they always say, “You can’t win if you don’t play…”

The Lottery


For this batch we’ll try something a little different. In addition to the Oracle cards, you will need some dice. Just one die of any size and shape will do, but it will be easier if you have two or more. I will use two six-sided dice for the blog, known in tabletop gaming as 2d6.

Roll the dice, and record the numbers on each dia from left to right across the table in front of you, along with their total. This is the daily draw and a bonus value.

Separate the deck into the abstract and concrete packets.

Deal three pairs, each an abstract paired with a concrete noun.


The first pair along with the dice roll represent the grim reality, in answer to yesterday’s hopes and dreams.

The second pair says something about the situation today.

The third pair identifies the hopes and dreams for tomorrow.

The story today likely picks up from where yesterday left off. Of course, changes of point of view are encouraged. This is an opportunity to try writing something where you don’t know until you deal tomorrow’s cards where the tale will lead you. Of course, you are welcome to plan a longer story arc, and then face the adage that no plan ever survives contact with the enemy.

Whatever you do, remember that the goal is to expand your thinking about a tale and above all, to have fun.


  • Dice roll: 1, 1, total 2
  • Grim Reality: Abhor, Disguise
  • Present Day: Fate, Beer
  • Hopes and Dreams: War, and window

The grim reality is a roll of snake eyes and a hated disguise or costume. The setting is an ominous pub, with hopes and dreams of a window of war.

The story could be of a disaffected mercenary, losing at craps while waiting for his rapidly narrowing chance to make a difference in the war.

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