New Spread: Spirals on my Mind

Once again, the time for a new spread is upon us.

Since we’ve tried rows, trees, clouds, and circles, let’s try spirals for while.

Spirals on my Mind

Shuffle the entire deck, reversing cards freely.

Beginning at the center of the mat, lay a number of cards out in a spiral pattern, starting at the center and working outwards. These posts will use a single turn of a spiral that grows just fast enough that the cards are mostly visible. You could use other kinds of spirals, or just push the cards around to suit you.

Start at the center and work out, or at the outside and work inwards.

Working outwards carries a sense of an open ended tale, as if the tale need not end when you run out of cards.

Working inwards carries a sense of a looming barrier as the space for each card or idea is increasingly hemmed in by the cards that came before.

Either way, the cards are but stepping stones along the path of the tale. The hero, his goal, and all else is at your whim.


Dealt Strength, Infinite, carrot, lantern, Purity, gentleman, Reconciliation, birdcage, and Hope.

Beginning from a position of great strength, with powerful vision, our hero could be Sir Galahad the Pure on a quest. A quest that begins with a reconciliation with an old enemy, and ends in hope.


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