Deal 971: Reflect upon truth

A Vodoun gains power with time. At least, in the usual course of events, the Vodon who remains in charge of his or her abilities (and notably remains human) gains power.

The alternatives, are, rather more alternative. Most involve a loss of power. And life

To the skilled and ancient Vodon, life may at time seem to be nothing but a fleeting moment between times of darkness.

But one must always focus on the bright light, and let the darkness fall away.

Mirrors help.

The reflection is always either a little more ideal than real, or a little less.

With skill, the Vodon can tell which he is seeing, and then act accordingly.

This is does not require and expenditure of power. It is merely a thing that is true, that can be seen, and can be acted upon.

Not all can see.

Not all can act.

The strong will always see, but may not always know what they are seeing, and may not always act with safety.

The weak, may see. Those that will become strong will recognize what they see, and will dare to act.

You must see.

You must act.

You must come into your power.

The world counts on you.


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