Deal 964: Talented

Hindsight is always clear. The trick is to make foresight work. If I only knew then…

Well. “Then” I was starving for my art, and getting nowhere fast other than thinner.

What I needed then was a patron. Of course, I didn’t know that, or how to find one. Or really, even how to get noticed by anyone. All of which are facets of the same problem. Busking for pennies is a hard way to pay rent.

I had talent. That was never the issue.

What I lacked was business. Business sense as well as customers. I lacked marketing. I lacked packaging.

And so I starved.

Finally, I had to neglect my art and talent and find boring work that actually paid. At first, I was sure that it was just temporary. I’d wait a few tables, make a few coffees, earn a few dollars and tide myself over until I broke through.

But talent must be fed, and so must the body. And a roof is handy for anyone.

So here I stand. I’m talented. I’ve accidentally had a career in coffee and waiting table. Along the way I’ve made a little art.

I’m not sure I learned what I should have done, but I sure have learned many things I should not have done.

Maybe the time is ripe.

Time to hang up the apron once again, and make my own way, speak in my own voice, and deliver my talent to the world.


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