Deal 962: A new hope

Of course she’s a beut now all right. Wasn’t always the case though.

Back in the day, she had a mean selfish streak. Wouldn’t share nothing. Had to be first in line, and had to have the best, or often enough, had to try the best then spit it out in favor of something not right at hand. Always had to be the center of attention, in any case.

All that changed when she found it.

We’re not really sure what it is, but she found it alright, and has been like new since.

I know all y’all were getting tired of her antics. I suspect some of y’all were considering drastic measures.

She set out that day like every day. Sassy, with an attitude dripping from every gesture. Tripping as usual on shadows, but woe to you if you ever noticed that out loud!

She came home changed.

Did she knock herself silly and see the light?

Did she pick up something she now regrets?

Did she find a small bottle labeled “Drink Me” and foolishly do so?

We may never know.

But she came back with poise, humbled, and a newly quiet confidence that let her step aside while others had a chance. The difference was immediately evident that night. No one dared speak.

The next day, it was even more pronounced.

A month later, she is welcome everywhere and beloved by all.


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