New spread: A Wink and a Smile

It is time for a new spread. Since April Fool’s Day has safely passed, let’s consider a nod to the fools among all of us. A nod, a wink, and a smile, that is.

Wink and a Smile


Deal five cards total from both decks shuffled together. The first two cards are the eyes, the last three are the mouth. You can draw a circle for the head around them all, and add a nose if you desire.

Place each eye oriented horizontally or vertically as randomly as you feel like doing. The eyes, of course, need not match.

Place the three cards of the mouth generally horizontally, but with each end turned up, left straight, or turned down at random.


The funny face sets the mood. Let it mock you. Let it inspire you. At least, let it speak to you.

The eyes represent perception, one observing the past, and the other the future. A closed eye is looking inwards. An open eye could be seeing anything.

The mouth is the thread of the tale. Beware the twisted tongue of the slick salesman and find your meaning figuratively in the mouth.


The top image shows:

Eyes: butter knife, Free Will
Mouth: stick, sunk, Grace

The face is smiling, and both eyes are open. A mistake in the past involving a knife has led to a fall from grace. From here, the only way forward is up.


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