Deal 949: Spots

The lights went down, and the audience held their breath for a moment. When the single pin spot appeared picking out a man standing alone on the dark stage, they applauded.

He was dressed conservatively in greys, with a splash of bright color at one lapel. He wore a bowler in dove grey with a narrow brim, and a single bright feather tucked in the band, which he removed with a flourish. Reaching into the hat, he became very puzzled, and reached further. This continued until his entire right arm was inside the hat. Then he found what he was reaching for, and withdrew the arm to reveal a bouquet of flowers.

A second pin spot appeared, illuminating a side table holding a vase. He walked over and placed the flowers inside, leaving the center spot empty. The flowers in the vase were a completely different color and variety, which didn’t seem to be noticed.

He stepped back into the center spot and tossed his hat off to the side. A third spot lit up on a hat stand just before the hat landed neatly on its top peg.

There was a loud squawk from the hat when it landed.

He ran over to the hat stand, reached under the hat and produced a large green parrot, which looked to be larger than the hat. He moved the hat to a lower peg and set the parrot down on the peg vacated by the hat. Now there was a noise from the vase.

He ran across to the vase, and found that the flowers were missing and in their place stood a very large bullfrog, croaking.

Hypnotizing the frog, he picked up a large cloth from the table, and draped it over the whole table, frog and all.

The parrot squawked. The lights flashed. The frog croaked again.

The draped table began to move, unfolding and lifting, until the drape was just barely off the floor.

The parrot squawked.

The drape dropped. In the place of the table, frog, and flowers stood a beautiful girl holding a single bloom.

As she took a bow, the audience realized that there was nothing else on the stage, and only a single pin spot lit the darkness.

The spot went out.

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