Deal 941: Boom said the puppet.

Puppet boy has a problem.

Aside from being a puppet, that is. And aside from wanting to become a real boy. Those problems are normal for all puppet boys. Puppet boy has a problem that is his alone.

He’s nothing too exciting to look at, being about three feet tall, and being of the puppet persuasion. He’s usually dressed for a formal occasion, in a dapper black evening coat and tails. His current paint job has made him a red-head, but he’s considering a change.

Like all puppets (except for Mister Punch) he’s smarter than he looks. He does require a puppeteer to move him about, but even when left in a tumbled pile in the corner, he’s seeing all that goes on and stewing about it.

And this puppet has seen a lot.

It has changed him to his core. He’s no longer the happy scamp he’s painted to be. He’s hiding something.

He’s hiding a bomb.

And it is time for it to go off.


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