Deal 937: Batting around

Prudence has never been my watchword. I tend to flit around willy-nilly and just assume it will all work out. So far, that strategy has worked fairly well, but I expect that can’t last forever.

I’m not afraid of much, as I have the power of the press behind me. A wise man once said “never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel.” I’m not that man, but I do work for him. I’m his beat reporter. And a bat part time. And a drummer, so I suppose I’m a back beat bat beat reporter.

Obviously I don’t write the humor column.

Being a bat a lot of the time, I see and hear things that others assume were secret. Everyone assumes bats are blind, but that has never been true. And our hearing is remarkable. I’m small and inconspicuous, and hang neatly under many sorts of eaves. I guess the word “eavesdropping” was coined to describe me.

Most bats, however, don’t own a classic Selectric typewriter, or have newspaper editors waiting for their submissions.

I’m not most bats.


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