Deal 930: Michel has a visitor

The alarm was ringing incessantly, and Michel finally decided he had to do something about it. He was having a little trouble remembering having an alarm, let alone setting it to ring. Finally, he decided there was nothing else to do but to find the alarm and make it stop.

He looked around his place, looking for a likely spot where an alarm might have been hidden.

Then he saw the rat.

It was standing on his work table, leaning on an alarm clock, and grinning at him.

“Otis, you want to deal with that?” he yelled at his dog.

Otis glanced at the rat, then looked at Michel. “No, boss. I think you need to talk to the rat yourself.” The rat just continued grinning, then nodded sagely.

Michel, grumbled, but crawled out of bed and took the clock from the rat, who didn’t seem all that intimidated by Michel, Otis, or much of anything really. The bold tattoo that read “MOW” (or perhaps “WOM”) on one shoulder suggested a Rat who knew who was boss and just didn’t care all that much. Not to mention a Rat that was prone to getting tattoos by artists unable to tell which way was up, and was still proud enough of his ink to keep his arms shaved, which made him look like he was wearing a fuzzy vest on a wrinkly pink body.

With the alarm silenced, and a slice or of stale cake standing in for a healthy breakfast, Michel was ready to face whatever bit of unreality was coming unglued in his general direction.

“Ok, Otis, Rat, time for a council of war. What is going on. Otis, you can start with what you know.”

Otis wrinkled his brow for a minute. “I don’t know nothing about any war.”


“No, nothing. I know nothing.”


“George wanted a word, thought you’d be hard to wake up. We had this laying around, waiting for an opportunity. You know we can’t us it downstairs.”

Michel nodded. Setting off an alarm that loud downstairs would upset some of the big cats, and that wouldn’t go well for the rats.

“Rat, you can go tell George I got his message.”

“So you’re coming down to chat.”

“Maybe. Perhaps later today. I probably am expecting a client, or something. I’ll know after I locate the coffee.”

“George also suggested I remind you that his coffee pot works.”

“Well, then perhaps after I’m dressed.”

With that the Rat picked up the alarm and wandered over to the softer spot in reality that the rats all used when coming and going.”Don’t leave the alarm somewhere you’ll regret later” I suggested. Otis snorted. The rat didn’t even nod as he disappeared.


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