New Spread: Veiled Secrets

Veiled Secrets

The story is not always plain and clear in the cards. Sometimes you are looking through as if through veil, imagining what secrets lie beneath. For this spread, we’ll toss some cards on a table and drop a random lacy veil across them. Some cards will be harder to make out than the others. Some might be hidden almost entirely.

Which cards are the secret? Well that is up to you.

The Actor is probably described by the first card or two. The secret lies somewhere after that. The other cards are distractions, which may be used as little or as much as needed to keep the secret.


  • Shuffle the cards
  • Toss some on the table, one at a time
  • Toss some fishnet, tule, or fine lace on top
  • Notice which cards were dealt first to signify the Actor


On a puddle of blue (#80b1d3) are thrown
Protection, darkness, War, tuxedo, Poison, Carrot, and Rat

Here, the Actor is signified by protection in darkness. The secret could be any of the rest, but perhaps poison is too obvious a choice. A poisoned carrot, however, might be interesting.

This could lead us to a story about Eve, a spy who works most effectively under cover of darkness when most sensible people are looking anywhere else if they are even awake at all. Her mission tonight is to access and copy the contents of the carrot, a slender orange container holding the upcoming week’s encryption keys, without either Bob or Alice noticing. The keys are only of full value to Eve if neither Bob nor Alice know she has been near the carrot. If they have the least suspicion, they will feed the carrot to the rabbit rather than take the risk that Eve is listening.


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