Deal 928: Orange and pointy

The music was playing everywhere, often just quiet enough to hardly be heard. But it was there, and it was poison. Poison to our free will, I mean. It played calming messages in soothing tones and told us how great it was to just be a quiet cog in the great machine.

Truth was, as it usually is, that the cogs were seen as interchangeable, and as a resource to wear out and use up.

Revolution would be the logical next step, but the music was always there, soothing the savage impulses and keeping everyone calm.

The accident was a turning point.

It was one of those freak accidents that just happens sometimes, even in a perfectly organized and controlled universe. Sometimes things just happen. There I was, buried in a ton of vegetables. Carrots, to be specific.

I was lucky, I was merely in the pile. The guy five feet in front of me leaving the coffee shop took the full force of the cascade. As near as I can tell, a truck carrying a full load of freshly caught carrots had jackknifed on the ramp above us, spilling nearly its entire load onto the street and sidewalk below. I found myself swimming in pointy orangeness. Others were less lucky and were crushed or drowned.

That alone would have been strange enough, but by dumb luck two of those pointy bastards got lodged in my ears, and damaged my eardrums.

One minute, I’m walking down the street, thinking fondly of a cup of coffee, trying to stop hearing the music playing quietly from every storefront and traffic light.

The next minute, I’m deaf.

And as I came to terms with my new situation, I began to realize what had really happened.

I’m deaf.

I can’t hear the music any more. I am no longer directly under their control.

It is like awakening from a dream, into a silent world where I am free to think and feel what I actually think and feel.

Sure, I’m afraid. I’m afraid they will figure it out, and find a way to fix me. But I can live with that fear. I can reason my way out of that fear. Because for the first time I am actually free.

Free to begin the revolution.

Which is where you come in. My freedom does little good if I can’t share it with others, form a network of the deaf, and push those bastards out of power, and finally stop the music for everyone else. If you are as deaf as I believe you are, help me save the world. We can unite through the chat rooms and communities that the deaf keep for themselves.

We can save the world without anyone else getting impaled on carrots.


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