Deal 915: No longer young, Frank.

He was big, real big, you might even call him a monster. He always claimed he had been made and not born, and made larger than normal so that the details were easier to see and stitch together correctly. That was a long time ago, and the truth could be anything. He was a good two feet taller, his feet were bigger, and his hands were huge, no matter what the cause.

Despite his long years of experience, he was still clumsy, as if his bones and muscles remembered being a different size. When he focused his full attention on a task, he could do anything. But if his focus wandered, look out below. He was also inexplicably strong, and due to his unique creation was also hard to injure and easy to repair.

He took up music as an excuse to get out of the public eye, and had mastered several instruments as long as he stayed will focused. Most especially the violin which he always claimed spoke to him in particular, as there was one haunting melody1 that seemed to affect him the most strongly when played on the violin. It was almost as if that melody had been written just for him.

The most remarkable change came over him as his abilities were increasingly appreciated. People began to flock to town to hear him play. They applauded and called for more.

And in those moments, he lost all the clumsiness. He became poised and confident, putting behind him all that had happened. It was as if he could see his fate was to transcend his origins, and the violin made all the difference.

As long as no one offered him soup or lit a cigar.

  1. Transylvanian Rhapsody, most likely. 

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