Deal 903: Sock it to me?

Julieta was just one of thousands of typical teenagers, nose to her phone, jealous of her friends, and not always realizing that her friends were also jealous of her. Like most of her clique, she was actually comfortable with a family that cared in an awkward sort of way and enough income to support her and her sisters through school. But it was fashionable to appear to be uncomfortable, so in public she did her best.

But she had a secret.

Her friends had secrets too, that also being fashionable. But they were also pretty much an open book to anyone paying attention, and didn’t really succeed in keeping secrets for long. Julieta had some disposable secrets she manufactured as cover, and let them slip on a carefully calculated schedule. Her real secret remained safe, and she could still fit in.

When know one was around, she’d pull her knitting out and knit furiously, her needles clicking as steady as a metronome. She had learned to be fast, both so that she could finish a piece before she might have to drop the needles and go back to her moody teen persona and so that she could get enough done to meet her demand.

She was in demand, and that was her real secret. She’d long ago used the fact that she knew how to knit as a disposable secret, with some trepidation that it did stray rather closer to the whole truth than she wanted. But no one knew that she was sockmaker17 in several knitting fora online, or that she had online shop that sold her hats and socks faster than she could make them. She’s even sold a few mittens, and planned to add gloves as soon as she figured out how to properly handle the less forgiving sizing problems.

One day she’d spotted a pair of her most popular socks worn by one of the math teachers. She imagined he had been caught by the sine wave pattern she’d worked in a contrasting color, but didn’t have the nerve to risk her secret by showing too much interest. Instead, she made a note, and sought out more mathematical patterns she could work into her knitting.

Most of the time it was much easier to just ignore her fame.


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