Deal 888: Tweety’s Sister?

I captured the heart of my lady-love, but our hope of happier ever after seems to be under a shadow. The long shadow cast by lawyers with a budget, and a judge willing to grant motions. I fear our future is doomed to be held hostage to their whims.

It started simply enough.

She was so beautiful, singing like an angel, basking in a sunbeam, displaying herself in her best light.

How could I not take an interest, and as we came to know each other, press my suit.

Finally, after sharing tea in her gilded parlour, she saw me for what I am and agreed to be mine.

We sought to tie the knot as quickly after as was seemly.

But the outrage began the moment I removed her from her cage. She was beholden to another, who took great umbrage at my intrusion.

Rude words were said.

And the lawsuits followed.

But when all’s said and done, we just want to be happy together.

She wants to be free of her owner, which indeed seems to be a natural right of all living things.

Even birds that live in gilded cages.

Even though I am a cat.


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