Deal 876: Imposter Chef.

I made it this far, without them suspecting a thing. I’m beginning to wonder if I can make it all the way through. I suppose there might be some truth to the notion that “the clothes make the man”, or chef right now.

In the first round I passed off beer can chicken as gourmet. I presented it as “a whole chicken rubbed with salt, pepper and garlic then roasted in a marinade of the finest malted barley flavored with the crushed blossoms of the Humulus lupulus carved and served along with stewed greens and onions family style on a platter.”

So here I am, with that phase in the past, and looking forward to the rest of the contest. My biggest challenge ahead will be to find ways to cook the few remaining things I know how to cook without revealing exactly how little supporting knowledge and skill I have.

I may be an imposter, but that was one damn fine chicken.

All I need now is a damn fine slice of pie and cup of joe.

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