Deal 865: Inn at the Bridge

The Inn at the Bridge was well placed to see all sorts of folks pass through. Not everyone stopped, of course, but many did to pass a few hours until the bridge was clear.

That also made the Inn a popular place to lie in wait. Even parties that don’t stop are visible as the road turns to approach the river. Not that the innkeeper was ever willingly a part of such a plot. But a recent episode involving poisoned beer was the last straw. That killed many innocent travelers while apparently not actually killing the target who at the last moment declined to stop for a drink. Meanwhile, the poisoned keg was tapped and served to all comers.

The Inn has turned over several suspicious kegs for investigation, as well as several transient workers who may have had access to the keg room.

Further, the Inn now has a standing challenge that any concerned customer may demand that staff taste any draft.

The Inn’s owners are confident that these measures will reassure the traveler that the Inn remains a safe and convenient stop on the long dusty road.


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