Deal 858: Helen’s Great Feathered Escape

With a satisfied cluck, Helen made her way under the loose spot in the fence.

She paused a moment to look back, then turned and strutted away.

She was a little sad to leave, after all, she had grown up here. Safe in this yard. But also knowing that her destiny was to remain chained to a laying box.

Helen had always been a dreamer. One poultry yard was not large enough for her. The other hens weren’t curious like she was. And they didn’t have her knack for languages. She often wondered if she wasn’t really some sort of parrot lost in a chicken yard, disguised as a hen, but that was silly. To start with, she wasn’t the right colors to be a parrot.

Then one day she noticed the loose spot in the fence while gnawing on a particularly tasty carrot. After that, she realized this was her chance to try her luck in a larger world and that she had to turn her back on her nest-mates and make her break for freedom.

She didn’t even try to bring any of the others along. She knew they would refuse. Worse, she was pretty sure that the argument would be enough of a commotion to call someone’s attention to her plans, and maybe even get the weak spot in the fence noticed and repaired before she could use it.

No, she had to go alone, and without saying goodbye.

So putting on her brave face, she walked away from her past and faced her future.


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