Deal 854: Questions

Since time immemorial, some people have sought answers to questions that most are happy to simply ignore.

What is beyond the hill?

What is across the lake?

What is beyond the ocean?

Imagine the view from up there!

What is at the poles?

Some questions have answers. Go over the hill, cross the lake, sail the ocean. The trick, of course, is to return to tell the tale. Or failing that, leave good enough notes about what went wrong so that others trying the same path will learn from your mistakes. There is a great adventure in store for those who seek out these answers, and even being the second to the top is an accomplishment.

Why do we sleep and dream?

What lies in store after death?

Why are we here?

Where have all the faeries gone?

Is magic real?

Some questions are more difficult. Not that people haven’t tried to answer. But all too often those attempts fail to establish an important distinction. Is it possible that there is no answer? Is it possible that there is no way to test the answer?

An untestable answer is hardly an answer at all. It is more of a suggestion. But sometimes the suggestion is all that is needed to light the imagination on fire. And that, too, can be a wonderful thing.

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