Deal 849: Captured.

The sessions were becoming interminable, painful, and verging on successful. I was going to have to do something about that soon. But for now, I let them continue as they were, biding my time, and hoping I was strong enough to hold out unchanged until the time was right.

It began easily enough. I’d set out to infiltrate. I succeeded. Now here I am, tied to a chair again, enduring another session.

I was hired to find a missing son. He was in his thirties and recently married, so his parents, coworkers, and friends had no real standing to bring in the police. He was seen periodically at home, so he wasn’t technically missing in any case, and from my point of view “find” was not really the operative verb. But given his silence, it was as good a word as any.

The new wife was a bit of an enigma, and hadn’t been seen since the wedding. Or, as I dug further, all that much before the wedding either. As I saw it, John (not his real name, of course) married Jane (ditto) and then cut off all communications with the world aside from occasionally looking out a second storey window. Most of his friends and family who attended their wedding first met Jane at the wedding. I could never find anyone who attended as Jane’s family, or who had known her previously. That made Jane seem a little suspicious, but people do pick up and move for innocent reasons. No one knew where Jane had moved from, though. Or anything else about her.

John was not answering either his phone or door.

And that is where I came in. Literally as it were. I circled the house, tried the back door, and walked right in.

To the kitchen, where I found a woman I took to be Jane, finishing a cup of coffee at the table.

“You’re here for John,” she said appearing unsurprised. “But he doesn’t know you. I’ve been expecting you for some time now, John has ties that need to be cut and you are their agent.”

Damn. I’ve been made. Of course, by walking in openly through a door I was expecting this. It was my plan, more or less. Finding Jane herself the first place I looked appeared to be a stroke of luck. At first, at least.

“You will join me for a cup of tea.”


I was not prepared to eat or drink anything she handed me.

“You will join me for a cup of tea.”


I was still not prepared to drink anything she handed me.

Then I drank the tea, and woke up tied to a chair.

I don’t know how long ago that was, but there have been many sessions of this, each beginning with my waking in a chair, then the films begin, and the indescribable sounds, the electric shocks, and sometimes a slow slightly irregular drip of lukewarm water on my head that goes on for hours. I’m not even certain we’re still in the house. I could have been moved at any time.

They’ve never really explained what they are trying to do. At first it was just Jane, but lately John has been helping.

I can only hold out so long.


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