Deal 839: Carrot unlocked

The light on the hill seemed to promise everything, if only I could get there.

Of course, there was a small matter of an invading army in my way. Clearly I should have been paying at least a little attention to local politics, and not just drinking tea in my lab. I had, at least, cracked some of the secrets of the carrot. It was high time to share them.

Which meant I needed to cross the valley. I wasn’t particularly beholden to either side of the present conflict. More to the point, if either side checked their records too closely, they were likely to find that I figured prominently, and in both cases the death sentence had been carried out. That was going to put a small crimp on any plan involving letting one side or the other see me.

Oh, the matter of the death sentences?

Well, all is not always as it seems.

And perhaps the world isn’t ready to understand the secrets of the carrot.

So my best plan is likely to go back to my lab and take a nap until things calm down.


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