Deal 825: Fallen capemaker

It is time once again to remember our fallen comrades of the brotherhood. There are few enough of us willing to take on this role, so when we lose one, we should take time to remember all that they accomplished. Tomorrow it will be time to seek new apprentices to begin recovering our ranks. But tonight, we tie off the threads of memory.

Our clients live in dangerous times and places. It is fit that we do our best to minimize those dangers. Occasionally, those dangers come home to roost in our shops. That happens too often, and most recently just yesterday. When that happens, we are obliged to come together, in just measure, tucking and hemming as required.

Too, we should seek to learn from the mistakes of our fallen brethren, so that our young apprentices may make new mistakes.

We who make the uniforms of the heroes are super in our own ways.


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