Deal 822: Phoenix

The chickens are restless, but have a supply of calm in the wings. Of course, the chickens are small fry in this barn. The phoenix is really the bird on the wire. They know that they can’t get too agitated or the phoenix will blow. And that usually makes an impression on their barn.

I’ve been watching the whole dysfunctional flock for some time now. I’m pretty sure I’ve been spotted of course, but they seem to not worry too much about me. Or my motives. It does help that my indifference to their plight leaves me well inclined to just leave them alone.

But some days, you have to pay attention.

The phoenix is glowing. That isn’t good.

The barn is a bit of a mess, and looking rather more flammable than usual. That isn’t good either.

Perhaps it is time for the smarter residents to make some space, and perhaps watch the fireworks from below yonder hilltop?

Yup, it’s glowing brightly now. Time to mosey on, and let the scary bird arise from the ashes of his predecessor’s barn.


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