Deal 821: Tea

One thing is certain: even I don’t know what I’m going to do next.

The empty cage swings idly from its hook. The room is silent except for the squeak of a dry metal on metal as the cage swings in what little breeze is available. Clearly it is my move in the game. The game that I’m not sure I’m playing, except that it keeps playing me.

The table is visible now. Was it before? Who can really say. It is here now, and set with things for tea.

Set for two, in fact. And I’m alone here.

A look around confirms that. Alone, but for the empty cage swinging from its hook despite the air being dead still. With a possible emphasis on dead.

Turning back to table, the cups are full and steaming. My chair is obviously inviting. What else can I do but enjoy the offered cup of tea. Perhaps that is the secret here. When all else fails, enjoy the tea.


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