Deal 816: Feline Summoning Engine

The cats wandered in from all over, but casually, as if they had no where better to be so it might as well be here. Cats never like to admit to planning too much in advance, after all. And planning to interrupt a nap, or a second breakfast, just is not done.

The cats wandered in, and one by one found their places in the circle.

The cats stare intently at nothing, nothing at the center of a circle of cats who had not been there ten minutes before, and might not be there ten minutes later.

As cats arrived, some joined the circle. Others simply seemed content to be nearby in case they weren’t needed.

Seventeen is a mystical number. It is also the number of cats required to open a portal.

Seventeen cats completed the circle.

With the arrival of the last cat, our host allowed himself to be seen. Clumsy in all things outside of art magic, but a well oiled machine when faced with a magical challenge. And this was setting up to be a doozy.

The cats all began to purr ominously, and the fun begins.


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