Deal 814: Henhouse sales

I’ve sent my bat in ahead of time carrying a bat-bug. No one suspects an extra bat flitting around, and I can monitor this meeting from safety.

“Brrraaaak! Clkkkk.”

“Cluck uck ck ck ck. Braaaaak!”

Better turn on my translator. I hate wearing the thing, it keeps trying to translate languages I already understand, and having extra voices muttering in my head is just not helpful. And without it I can’t hear the bat’s running commentary, hopefully he’ll stay mum this time!

“uck. ck —alling. I’ve told you before this would happen. You didn’t believe me then but this time it is really happening!”

Ah. That makes more sense.

“(unintelligible muttering) (muttering) (more muttering)”

“I’m bored. Can I come back yet?”

Bat. No he can’t come back, and he knows that.

“Really. It is falling. And I’ve come to offer aid.”


“For some small considerations, of course. You can work that bit out. Eggs. A little feed. Nothing too rich.”

“You can tell your neighbors, and they can help you too. Play it right after paying me, and you can come out ahead even if it does fall.”


And there we have a con man. Um. Con chicken. Caught red-handed. Footed. Whatever. A Ponzi protection racket. All over fears the sky is falling.

Now we can send in the foxes and round them up.


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