Deal 807: Dangerous Gentlemen.

You have all survived the training, passed the tests, and are sitting here today ready to tackle the world. When you began your time here, we told you it would be difficult, and it was. We told you that many who enter will never complete the training, and your class was typical with only one in four of you who began sitting here today. You are the cream, and have risen to the top.

Now it is time to skim you off, as it were.

After today, you will all be duly qualified and certified as Dangerous Gentlemen. You leave here qualified to take on anything that might stand in your way. We have trained you to handle all the situations that we know you can encounter. We have trained you to think on your feet and hand things that no one could have predicted.

You are the elite product of that training.

Today you graduate with one final challenge.

At today’s luncheon, some of you were served a poisoned apple.

If you noticed the apple and did not eat it, congratulations. You have passed with flying colors.

If you ate the apple after testing it (and the rest of your lunch) for possible poisons, you will have passed the challenge if you judged correctly.

Finally, if you failed to consider that every official act of this training program could be either a lesson or a challenge, then you have almost certainly failed this challenge and sadly wasted this very expensive training opportunity.

While we generally never disclose any details of our training process or results, you can rest assured that all of you still able to stand and take the oaths have indeed passed all the tests, including today’s challenge.

So please stand now, and join me in your oath.


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