Deal 805

“Welcome, guests, to the Feast of Infinity. Know that all who partake of the feast shall know of the truth of the infinite. All who partake shall join the multitudes that recognize the truth of the infinite. Join with us and assist in our grand convergence.”

This week’s head priest spoke the welcome without a trace of irony. His recent ascent to the upper echelons of the hierarchy had been swift, and not without rumors. Rumors I must be quick to point out appear to be entirely baseless.

Of course, his order taught that mathematical truths were deeper and more important that human affairs. His confidence in his own certainty was a result of that background.

His concern was the other persistent rumor that the lost prince had been found, and might even be in attendance tonight at the feast. A prince that had been spirited away as a babe when the old kingdom fell under the sway of the rational order, and the old monarchy replaced by the priesthood.

For if the prince had returned and was recognized, then he surely would bring the people a revolution. And the Feast of Infinity would be a nearly perfect moment to return to the public scene.

His concern, of course, is valid.

I an here tonight, and I am the lost prince.

But for now, I am willing to hold my just revolution at a future time out of love of my people.


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