New Spread: Chaotic Holidays and Obligatory Sentiments

Once again we find ourselves ready for a new spread, and a new way of thinking.

Choosing to be inspired by the season at hand, let’s play with the inevitable chaos of holidays.

To make the idea more concrete, deal a total of six cards. The first pair represents the host and/or hostess, or perhaps the reason for the celebration or the nature of the ceremony.

The second pair represents the gift and the obligation. The gift is, of course, given freely. The obligation will depend on the context decided from the first pair. It might be an obligation on the host, or on the guests. It might limit or color the gift. Reading this one is rather open.

The third pair represents the guests, celebrants, or participants. Their exact title and nature will follow from the earlier decisions.

It would be too easy to just declare that the holiday is always a standard pagan gift exchange. We want to see a stretch here. No strange holiday is too strange. Pink Teapot Day is not out of the question. Take the cards as strong hints, and run from there any way that the chaos leads you.

And above all, remember that the whole point of this exercise is to be creative and have fun.


The head image is an example deal, where we find the following cards.

  • The Host and Hostess: Rat, live
  • The Gift: fork
  • The Obligation: Baseness
  • The Guests: Beauty, Cat

This is clearly a private party, at which a teenage Victor Frankenstein has reanimated his first rat in an attempt to impress the class beauty. She is not impressed, and is careful to keep her pet cat well out of reach of his knife and fork, and well away from his slab.

Or perhaps it is clearly something else entirely.


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