Deal 779: Cats

In the deep shadows, far away from view of their human slaves, the cats meet occasionally to discuss their wants, needs, and goals. On rare occasions, a consensus emerges and the cats of the world work together. Usually, they are too aloof and independent to cooperate that much. Which is likely the only thing standing between the cats and actual world domination.

Security is tight for these discussions, they really don’t want the truth to be known among the humans.

And yet, occasional glimpses are obtained.

“We have agreement then, the wee hours serenade policy will remain in full force. When practical, but regularly enough to make them suspicious, those of strong voice will raise their voices in song. Sing the songs of our people proudly, and just long enough to awaken the curiosity in your human slaves. If they start to make accommodations, change songs, change times, change days. Never let them predict you.”

And so it is done.

They seem to disapprove of window sitting, especially when it can be compared to the dog waiting faithfully for his master’s return.

“…never be spotted in a posture of waiting, especially not in a window where the world can see…. acceptable uses of windows still include bird watching, but even then try to remain dignified…. Even when eager to catch the birdie or the fishy, the proper feline will approach with grace and dignity….”


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