Deal 778: Supermath

In a surprising shift of message, the math party has declared that they plan to solve an uncountable number of problems in the coming term. This is an ambitious step up from their past promise to solve a countably infinite number of problems. They are, however, not specific at all about how this result might be achieved.

Their critics claim this is an absurd goal, that they might as well be attempting to market fish wrapped in a Sierpinski gasket, or arguing about what color to paint the point of a pin. In short, critics claim the goal is really just gaudy packaging on a promise of failure.

For their part, the math party did respond to the critics with a pithy and erudite letter which this reporter believes can be summarized fairly accurately as “up yours”.

The dark secret is that Math is successful. Despite the ludicrous argument by Zeno, arrows do reach their targets. We don’t know if Thomson’s Lamp is on or off, but that is ok. Math doesn’t help with Schrodinger’s Cat, of course. Or with Pinocchio’s Nose.


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