Deal 776: No Beer

Wave the banner high, for temperance, for sobriety, for life.

Fermented beverages are the great temptation. Fermentation of grain leads to fermentation of the mind, leads to irresponsible behavior, leads to tragic accidents and death. Distillation redoubles the temptation, and leads much more rapidly to a pickled mind and a black-out drunk abdication of rationality. Given the risks, obviously even one drink is one drink too many.

Strong drink is clearly the work of the devil and cannot be allowed in a right thinking society. The risks are too great. Brewing need not be done on an industrial scale, so we must all be vigilant for signs of the brewing activity. Vat purchases must be tracked and investigated. Barrel staves must be accounted for. Bakers must take care to not allow their yeast to escape into illegal hands.

Above all, no stein may be filled with the golden brown nectar of temptation.

We cannot know where the next illegal still will spring to life without being ever vigilant for sales of copper tubing longer than a few feet in length, copper vessels capable of boiling a few gallons of mash, and clean jugs to capture the product. We know these things can be used illegally. We have no idea why anyone would want copper pipe for any other purpose. We have no idea why anyone would dare to distill to defy decency.

Chemists and alchemists must be singled out for particular scrutiny as their professional training makes them more than usually qualified to create an illegal distillation operation.

Above all, no jugs may be filled with the water of life, which is incorrectly named since it is the water that diverts life to a pattern of sin.

Wave the banner high, for safety, for security, for life.


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