Deal 775: Dreaming The Raven

I see Raven in my dreams, and he always has advice for me. I’m not sure I should really take advice from a dream of an immortal mythical personification of the trickster. But the advice is good. If he’s nothing but a figment of my imagination, then I’m giving myself good advice, and that must be a good thing. If he’s real and speaking to me in my dreams, then I must be getting good advice, and that too must be a good thing. Part of his advice is always to remember not to tell anyone of his presence. That also seems like good advice. I don’t quite know what to make of the fact that he always wants to trade the dream of advice for the dream of something shiny. Or that when wake, the shiny thing I dreamed for Raven is missing from my home. Somehow, that also seems like something I shouldn’t talk about.

I see Raven in my dreams, and he wants me to run for Mayor.

No, that is probably not the way to introduce myself. It would certainly make it harder to later keep the secret that I get advice from Raven in my dreams.

“The next Mayor needs to be someone who recognizes good advice when he sees it. Someone who knows that Learning is a process that begins when we become self aware, and ends when we die. Someone who knows that Selfishness is the true motivation of the sane and successful, and that even Altruism is an expression of Selfishness.”

“The next Mayor needs to promote lifelong learning by setting a good example of listening to both our elders and our youth. Our elders have the wisdom that comes from experience, which shows ways that things can always go wrong, and ways known to turn them to success. Our youth have the audacity that comes from not yet having been taught what is impossible. New ideas come from wondering if something long thought impossible might after all be possible.”

“The next Mayor needs to be willing to deal with our neighboring towns from a position of strength and desire. We all grow if better deals are made for our grain, for our weaving, for our inventions, for access to our knowledge. Our Mayor should recognize that and be willing to work to achieve those deals, and should be rewarded for success.”

“The next Mayor needs to have a toehold in the unseen world, and be respected by the mythic powers on the other side.”

Uh oh. Nope. Should not have gone down that path.

“Or to put it another way, our next Mayor must also be a good storyteller, and be able to present even the most fantastical of ideas as if they were absolute truths. Great inspiration comes from tales of heroes doing extraordinary things.”

“Our Mayor needs to be many things.”

“I am also all of those things. And for that reason alone, I will be a good Mayor.”

I wonder if Raven will approve of my effort. I suspect I will find out tonight.


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