Deal 772: Speach

It is time for me to step forward and speak to the assembled crowd of media drones and mecho-reporters. Almost no one will be paying attention live, but almost everyone will have the opportunity to hear my words should they wish. This speech is one of the necessary rituals that we continue to preserve, often without remembering why.

I find my place on the podium behind the lectern and begin.

“The past is behind us. The present is our chance to pick a future. The future we pick must be chosen with principles we all accept and believe.”

Pause here for reaction. The better drones assist in getting the best presentation possible by feeding back some sense of the reactions their live audience is providing. I see I haven’t scared them yet, so I don’t pause for long.

“I believe that the future we choose must value Protection.”

“Protection for our population whether born or constructed. Protection for our ideas whether the product of organic or siliconic brains. Protection for our society from those of all stripes who would do us ill.”

The irony here is that I’ve carried the stick of reform in the past, and been willing to apply it to the heads, shoulders, CPU bricks and displays of our past leaders. But I’m very confident that I’ve cut all ties to that identity, and that no one alive and untrusted knows the whole truth of my past.

It helps that I am a non-organic person. Within poorly understood limits, my conscious self can move among a variety of hardware. The platform I’m wearing today is very different from the one I wore when I was first constructed. And any violent protests I might have been involved in were attended by a much burlier (but still street legal in organic communities, aside from a highly illegal flight capability) body that has long since been melted down for scrap.

Now I just need to keep that bit of irony out of my voice and demeanor.

“But protection alone is never sufficient. We cannot have protection at all cost. We cannot become slaves to the Precautionary Principle. We must choose a future that will be Prudent about how we achieve our goals. We often observe that safety and freedom play a near zero sum game: making things safer removes some freedom to take a risk. Prudence must decide how to balance on that edge.”

An edge that separates a sane and happy populace from general panic and fear. Not really an edge to toy with.

“In short, the future we choose must balance Prudence and Protection, to provide safe and secure opportunities for all to be free.”

Again, a pause for reactions. This time there is some evidence that the live audience has increased and is paying attention. The much larger lagged audience is just beginning to react to earlier portions. But those are on track.

“And that is why I ask for your support. I am the right machine to do the necessary jobs. I have the experience. I have the vision. And I am ready to continue to serve if asked to return to service.”

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