Deal 764: Jaundiced royals

A yellow sign looms.

In the pool of yellow lantern light, a trail of footprints leads away so away we follow.

A splash of blood has had a finger run through it, almost as if someone had a message to leave.

The publisher should expect another lawsuit. Encouraging that myth is bad enough, but actually publishing a version of the play? That will lead to madness for many and a death sentence for at least one. We should be surprised already that the publisher hasn’t left a trail of bodies who worked on the book.

In the next puddle of eerie light sits a solitary teddy bear, with blood running down its left side, and the beginnings of a sigil drawn in blood on the wall behind it. The sigil is incomplete, and even so it is hard to look at.

Hard to look at indeed. A lot of blood has been lost, and yet we still have a trail to follow. The sigil is a concern. At the last scene we only knew that blood was spilled and someone was tempted to write or draw. This time, they clearly drew part of something eldritch and forbidden.

In the land of the sane, forbidden because it causes unwanted crossings to the land of the insane. And the insane frequently lie. They say that the king never existed, but that too is a lie. He existed. One of the oldest sealed records of the this city name it Sarcosa. That is a state secret, however, and is never spoken of. By the sane, at least.

Just knowing that now is not going to protect me from what I fear is around the next corner.

But I can be surprised. The trail goes in two directions here. It isn’t clear yet whether our subject fled down one and doubled back, or somehow became a clone of himself and went down both paths at once. The scent trail is just as obscure.

Except the lanterns down this side are red.

The next eerie pool of yellow lantern light contains markings on the wall. In blood. It is the sigil of the king, but that mark is taboo. It can only safely be drawn upon the walls of long-lost Sarcosa.

Which this place once was.

Once. Is no more.

The king was real.

The king is real

The king in yellow never existed.

In Sarcosa.


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