Deal 762: Chickens beyond the sky

The little dog was eager to play, bouncing frantically up and down and barking all the while.

The chickens, however, were not eager.

A good word for the chickens was angry. They knew they were important, but did not know they were important enough to hire help. This has them wondering if they are treated fairly at all by their current contract. I suspect they are not.

It doesn’t seem all that prudent to ask them any other questions just now. I heard mumblings about explosive eggs. They are seriously angry, and apparently are a lot stronger than they generally appear.

Some of that strength is artificial. They have plenty of toys that enhances their ability to see beyond the falling sky to navigate, to dream, and to cross the road. Their role models are also a lot smarter than chickens are usually given credit for.

But normally, that oversight gives most chickens the chance to just do their thing unimpeded.

But this little gaffe has blown their cover sky high. And chickens always know how high the sky is.

This is not going to end well.

And especially not for the dog, who it now appears is going to be the star guest at their banquet. I just saw a chef measuring it to fit a roasting pan.


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