Deal 757: Great Pumpkin

Everywhere I turn the neighborhood is full of young hoodlums in masks. They are strolling about in large groups, terrorizing homeowners with threats and accepting bribes to behave. Since so many are dressed in matte black and still out after dark, even driving slowly is only barely prudent.

With the wisdom of age, I can state confidently that this episode of mass hysteria will be confined to a single night. A night devoted to a special kind of gluttony, practiced most effectively by those with a nose for the slightly outrageous.

Naturally, neglect of one’s own supply of bribes will likely result in additional acts of minor domestic terror.

Where do these roving gangs of youth come from?

They are home-grown, and indoctrinated in this art by their own parents, many of whom accompany the gangs on their quests.


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