Deal 755: Dreamlands

Suddenly there were keys everywhere. Space bars and large return keys were chasing me, with clear intent to pay back all those times that someone wailed on the space bar. But the rest of the keys were clearly enjoying the prospect of pounding someone for a change.

The path I was running along suddenly dead-ended. I had no protection other than my trench coat, but also had no other choice than to turn and face the keys.

I was somewhat surprised to find that I was strong enough to fend off the rabid space key. Either it wasn’t pressing a strong attack, or I was stronger than I expected to be.

Or the giant rat quietly looming behind me might explain a few things. As it loomed larger, the keys on attack faded and shrank down to the size of gnats. Like gnats they were annoying, but now they were just annoying and not enough to run me off. The rat, however, was an enigma.

But was the rat even a threat?

I turned from it and simply walked away. It just stood there. So, unless I really needed to pass it, there were no problems here. With that realization, I calmly strolled back towards the waterfront where I had been so rudely attacked by the keys. Keys attacking on the quay. Funny.

Everything seemed a little off, but at least no further attacks came. I could withstand a few impure thoughts as I finished by stroll, but I wasn’t in the mood for battle.


Ack. “Down boy! Hang on…”

Suddenly I’m wide awake, with a chest full of frantic dog, who clearly needs my attention.

Just as well, he woke me when he did, I really hate nightmares, and that one was shaping up to be one of those disjoint attempts to teach a lesson through dreams that make me hate them even more.

Perhaps with the dog calmed down, I can return to sleep, perchance to dream, but not about keys…


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