Deal 747: Tower

Everything was going to plan. Access to the shop was normally by invitation only. But a few minutes with a quiet saw at a back wall unobserved by the neighbors did the trick. Once in, stealthy climbing was possible.

It was about this point where the crew finally realized they were stealing from a wizard, and how many ways that might go wrong. Halfway up a precarious climb is not the best place to have a epiphany and realize one is in the wrong line of work. But it is still a darn sight better than waiting until one is actually falling!

Not to mention that wizards aren’t really the type of people who wait patiently for you to finish harming them, and then file a lawsuit. No, their revenge is much swifter, and far more personal.

Once the would be burglars were captured, the process was simple. They were lead into the wizard’s main workroom, and against the backdrop of the lavender walls the were offered a choice. The details varied, each deal was personal, and each deal was kept entirely private from all the others. But each deal held a carrot, and a stick.

Either way, none of the people who broke in were ever seen again.

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