Deal 744: Blew Blue

In the welcome shade, the balm was soothing on his sunburn skin. Welcome relief indeed, but he feared that wouldn’t outlast his news.

“I cannot lie,” he gasped. “That would be wrong, and only cause pain.”

The staff were concerned. They smelled a rat, as any story that began with such a reminder seemed likely to prominently figure in some sort of shading of the truth. As his story unfolded, they were increasingly alarmed. No, this was not going to end well at all.

He saw a glimmer of hope that he might survive the day when the panicked bluster that developed around him as the report unfolded never seemed to include him. He risked it all to hope he could survive. He hadn’t endured all that training, days of boring lectures, and all those hours of practice to just fold now.

Suddenly he found himself alone.

They’d listened to his report, and simply left him to fend for himself.

Under the clear blue sky.


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