Deal 743: Green and bear it

The green paint was an unlikely choice, but it seemed to have a calming effect on the captives after all, giving them some reason for hope.

Hope was punctuated by alarm, of course. Alarms came at uncertain intervals. Fortunately, the facility was run with a lot of neglect, meaning that escape attempts often went unnoticed.

If they were noticed, your only hope was to have the protection of a stronger totem.

The strongest totem was the Axe of Defense, but it hadn’t been seen around the place in years. Rumor had it that its wielder had followed the lead of the Axe of Offense, and made a successful escape. But there was very little available evidence available to support the rumors.

With the axes out of the picture, the next best totem was a bear. Not your average teddy bear, you definitely did want to be on the wrong side of these in a dark alley.

But the green paint was keeping things calm.

And the teddy bears were helping.


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