New Spread: Color me a River

Up until now, we’ve ignored a feature of the second generation cards: each card has some color on it, behind the icon. For this spread, we’ll pay attention to that color and see where it leads us.

To begin, spill a random color of paint on your table, and let it dry. You might prefer to use an assortment of placemats, tablecloths, or even sheets of construction paper. Since my table top is virtual, I’ll go all in and virtually paint it a different color for each day’s spread.

Then deal a random walk of cards from both decks across that puddle. The story should use the cards in order, without skipping a card. Notice that the cards also have colors, and that the color patches are not all the same shape. Use those colors and shapes in the story as well as the words and icons on the cards, and use the background color somehow in the background of it all.

Since this is the first deal where we are focusing on the colors, try to make color figure prominently in your tale.

Above all, remember that the primary goal here is to have fun with it and see where it leads you.


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